Voice of the Founding Member

I am a mother of 2 children (4 & 2 years old) with a speciality in place marketing and project management. In Japan, there are a number of mothers who have no choice but to leave their jobs after giving birth as conditions of their workplace do not fit with the new lifestyle as parents. 

However, it never means that they cannot perform at all: these mothers do not have flexible hours just because of their limited availability (fixed pickup time for their children or the fact that they need to keep kids by their side as they are too small for daycare, etc.).  In fact, they can work as hard as any other employees in the workforce while their children are sleeping or at daycare. Not to mention, many of them have a strong sense of responsibility.

To address this mismatch problem between willing-to-work mothers and workplaces, we have established a system of work orders with a team of mothers who can work remotely whenever available. Consequently, we believe that our system meets various needs of companies, such as those that require manpower only during peak periods, or those that do not afford to hire full time staff but still need ongoing assistance. 

We look forward to having an opportunity to partner with you in this virtuous cycle!